Timi Garay | psychotherapist m.S.W

 individual psychotherapy for adults

Timi Garay | psychotherapist m.S.W

 individual psychotherapy for adults

About me

Hello and welcome,

My name is Timi Garay, I am a licensed clinical social worker, M.S.W with a practice based in Ramat Gan for adults.

I am a native English and hebrew speaker with a lot of experience working with “Olim” and English-speaking community. Speaking in the language you are comfortable in therapy is a crucial component in creating a sense of security and mutual understanding. Over the years I have worked with patients from all walks of life dealing with challenges and difficulties in various aspects, all of them seeking therapy as a way of enhancing their wellbeing and improving their functioning.

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Method of treatment

I am trained in psychodynamic therapy and draw from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as well. I am skilled in long term therapy as well as focused short-term therapy.  I adapt my technique and approach tailoring to your needs while keeping focus on your personal goals for therapy. 

 Some people have a clear vision to what they want to achieve in therapy, some have a feeling that “something isn’t quite right” or feel dissatisfied in one or more aspects in life and wish for things to be different

Therapy can help facilitate personal growth and getting  in touch with deeper emotions that are sometimes masked by other feelings or are subconscious. It may help you learn to communicate more effectively or help you gain a new perspective on situations in life. Perhaps it may help you strengthen your self esteem and confidence and build a stronger identity. 

 I will create a safe space for you to explore your emotions, experiences and thoughts while moving towards gaining insight in order to understand yourself in a profound way. The process may not be immediate or easy but we will patiently and persistently work through difficult issues in order to get to the other side where freedom and change await. I can easily believe this goal can happen for you, as I have had the pleasure of assisting many journeys where clients find themselves healing and growing. 

clinical experience

I provide professional and effective therapy services for adults in a variety of difficulties: emotional, behavioral or relationship issues.

Immigration difficulties

Stress and Anxiety

Emotional problems

depression and mood disorders

טיפול רגשי

Relationship difficulties

Addiction and co- dependency


LGBTQ issues

Life transitions


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy at “Magid” Institute of the Hebrew University

M.A. in Clinical Social Work M.S.W – Bar Ilan University

B.A  in Social Work- Ben Gurion University

Social work license number: 27006

My studies and training include working with addictions, specifically alcohol, gambling and drugs. Addiction is a psychological and physical inability to stop consuming a chemical, drug, activity, or substance, even though it is causing psychological and physical harm.

 I also have worked with family members of addicts: adult children, parents, siblings and spouses. Co- dependant family members may be consumed by guilt, shame, having to keep secrets, feeling compelled to “fix” the addict, trying to help but don’t know how. Thus, leaving them without the support they deserve and need. If you or your loved one are struggling with addiction you don’t have to wait to reach ”rock bottom”, therapy can help before life gets unbearable. 

Private practice in Ramat Gan

Merkaz Haarbaa- multidisciplinary center for psychotherapy. Treating students at The Academic College  Of Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Kiryat Ono Treatment  & Rehabilitation Unit for addicts and family members

Efshar Association- Alcohol and Gambling Rehabilitation & Treatment Unit for addicts and family members

Haderech- Director of Addiction Evaluation Center (southern Israel)

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